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구정연휴기간 영업및 택배일정!!!
2020년 01월 부분 무이자 할부행사!!!
** 매장운영시간 오후22시,계좌
추석연휴 영업 및 택배 일정!!!
~ 7월30일까지 사은품 증정!!!
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전동건(AEG)/가스 블로우백(GBB) 전동건(AEG)/가스 블로우백(GBB) > 전동건_Lonex/KSC/KA... > M4/M16계열 > DT-4 Double Barrel M4 Full Metal AEG: CA  
   DT-4 Double Barrel M4 Full Metal AEG: CA
제조회사 : Classic Army
판매가격 : 765,000원
적립금액 : 7,600원
수량 EA
상품 상세 설명
DT-4 Double Bareel Flash Hider MF-082: CA 트리지콘타입 망원경 4*32 DS-066: A.C.M.
40,000 175,000


- 제품명 : DT-4 Double Battel M4 Full Metal AEG

- 제조원 : Classic Army (Hongkong)

  << 상품 설명 >>

 * 세계 격전지에서 최고의 활약을 펼치고 있는 M4 를 재현한 서바이벌게임용 M4 URX MK-8 (CA
    095M) 블로우백 전동건입니다.

 * 플립업 스타일의 프론트 및 리어사이트를 채용하고 있으며, 작동시 필요한 배터리와 충전기 등은 

 * 한국생활환경시험연구원의 KC 안전인증총포화약안전기술협회로부터 모의총포에 해당없음
    으로 판정된 제품이며, 비비탄이 발사되는 방식의 만 20세이상에게만 판매되는 성인용 장난감총

    제품의 일부분은 칼라파트 (입고시기에 따라 차이가 있을 수 있음) 처리되어있으며, 파워는 국내
    관련법규를 준수
하고 있습니다.

 * 불법개조시(칼라파트 제거 및 파워 증대)에는 총포도검화약류 단속법에 의해 처벌 받으며, 불법
    개조된 제품은 A/S를 받으실 수 없습니다.


  • Aggressive double-barrel design
  • Two independent inner barrels and hopup units
  • One single gearbox for both barrels
  • MLOK front rail for grip, lights, and other tactical accessories
  • Single magazine release, ambidextrous selector switch
  • Flip-up front and rear sights
  • Made from durable metal alloy material
  • ECS MOSFET trigger system

Welcome to the Classic Army DT4; quite possibly one of the baddest M4's around.

Touting two separate barrels, this BB-slinger can dole out a serious amount of plastic hurt.

The DT4 features a single gearbox with 2 individual compression systems.

That's right, 2 separate compression systems means 2 individual inner barrels, each with

  their own individually adjustable hopup unit.

All of this is controlled by a single trigger connected to Classic Army's adjustable ECS MOSFET

  trigger system, allowing for a crisp trigger response and the potential to use 3 to 5 round burst

  per barrel.

This rad package comes wrapped in Classic Army's durable metal alloy receiver, and features

  a unique MLOK handguard at the front to mount as many tactical accessories as you can throw

  at it.
Other accouterments include an adjustable stock, flip-up front and rear sights, and a built-in sling

  attachment point at the back of the receiver.

Length: 720mm - 800mm (28.3" - 31.5"
Weight: 3380g (7.45lbs)
Inner Barrel: ~290mm x2
Magazine Capacity: 300rd Hi-Capacity. Works with Classic Army, Matrix, Tokyo Marui

    and other compatible M4 / M16 series Airsoft AEG magazines
Muzzle Velocity: 330-350 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
Thread Direction: 14mm Negative
Gearbox: Proprietary design, compatible with standard Ver 2 gearbox parts
Motor: Long Type
Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
Battery: 7.4v Small Type LiPo recommended (Battery not included. Wired to stock with

     Small Tamiya connector)
Hopup: Yes, 2 separately adjustable units
Package Includes: Gun, 2x Magazines

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고객평가 : 평점 ★★★★★     
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