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스나이퍼건(SNIPER) 스나이퍼건(SNIPER) > 스나이퍼건_수동식 > 수동식_DS/TS/KA > VSR-11(HA-231) Sniper, Black: HFC  
   VSR-11(HA-231) Sniper, Black: HFC
제조회사 : HFC
판매가격 : 품절
적립금액 : 1,800원
수량 EA
상품 상세 설명
13mm 강화 피스톤&스프링 가이드(MB03): Caliber 강화 시어 3종세트(VSR& MB03): FT 가스식 실린더세트(VSR11): HFC VSR11 Scope Mount Base SVR-209: HFC 서바이벌 망원경 3~9*40 DS-021: ETC 헤리스타입 2WAY 바이포드 BP-561,Short: YZH
60,000 110,000 100,000 16,000 105,000 48,000


<< HFC사 런칭기념으로 9월 30일까지만 180,000원 (정상가 208,000원) 에 할인하여

     판매하는 제품으로 행사기간 종료후에는 정상가로 인상될 예정이므로 참고해 주세요. >>




- 제품명 : VSR-11 (HA-231) Bolt Action Sniper

- 제조원 : HFC (Taiwan)

- 전   장 : 약 1,075 mm                     - 재    질 : ABS

- 장탄수 : 약 25발                            - 중    량 : 약 2,000g

- H O P : 가변홉업                          - 대상연령 : 만 20세이상

  << 상품 설명 >>

 * 마루이 VSR-10 을 원형으로 제작한 대만 HFC 사 VSR-11 볼트액션 스나이퍼건입니다.

 * 한국생활환경시험연구원의 KC 안전인증총포화약안전기술협회로부터 모의총포에 해당없음
    으로 판정된 제품이며, 비비탄이 발사되는 방식의 만 20세이상에게만 판매되는 성인용 장난감총

    제품의 일부분은 칼라파트 (입고시기에 따라 차이가 있을 수 있음) 처리되어있으며, 파워는 국내

    관련법규를 준수하고 있습니다.

 * 불법개조시(칼라파트 제거 및 파워 증대)에는 총포도검화약류 단속법에 의해 처벌 받으며, 불법
    개조된 제품은 A/S를 받으실 수 없습니다. 
















The VSR-11 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle from HFC is the perfect choice for beginners or

 even experienced snipers who want an affordable yet reliable option when it comes

 to purchasing a new sniper rifle.


This rifle is spring powered which means you don't need to worry about having a

 charged battery or enough gas for a battle, and you can achieve the same perform

 -ance in all weather conditions.


The VSR-11 features a polished bolt for added authenticity with a short but smooth

 polt pull making it easy for all players to operate this rifle, and offers faster follow

 up shots if the first one didn't hit the intended target.


This high-performance sniper rifle is constructed from a durable polymer body and

 stock, with an all metal inner and outer barrel assembly.


On top of the bolt assembly of the VSR-11 is a full metal 20mm monolithic rail that

 allows the player to customize this rifle with their choice of optic accessory, to get

 that perfect accuracy.


The metal trigger box and assembly offers crisp, clean break with every trigger pull

 making this a fun rifle to operate. This rifle functions phenomenally right out of the box,

 shooting at a mean 410 FPS ensuring you can reach those hard to reach targets.


The overall lightweight construction keep this rifle extremely mobile and greatly reduces

 player fatigue, keeping you out on the battlefield longer.


Front and rear sling mounts makes transportation a breeze and and makes room for the

 use of a sidearm.


Utilize the adjustable hop-up located on the side of the rifle to account for various target

 range and wind conditions.


The VSR-11 is compatible with upgrades from PDI and Laylax designed for the VSR-10,

 to achieve the desired level of performance.


Fill the role of sniper for your team with this 1:1 full scale high quality replica VSR-11 Bolt

 Action Sniper Rifle from HFC.




  • Color: Black
  • 410 FPS (0.20g BB)
  • Magazine: 25rd
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • Bolt Action Spring Rifle
  • Full 1:1 Scale Replica
  • Full Metal Inner and Outer Barrel
  • Durable Polymer Stock and Body
  • Full Metal Trigger Box and Assembly
  • Low Friction Bolt
  • Short Bolt Pull
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Front and Rear Sling Mounts
  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • Safe / Single Shot
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